ThinkGeek makes a Pandora's Box of media

If you're going to call something a tank then I damned well want to see a gun turret on it.  Still, I'm inclined to give ThinkGeek's latest drive chassis the benefit of the doubt, since anything that reduces the amount of rubbish scattered across my desk (or, as my better half would have it, the dining table) is officially A Good Thing.

It's a pretty simple concept, and I'm surprised I haven't seen the same thing before.  Picture a 5.25-inch bay for an optical drive with a multi-format card-reader on top, sitting in front of a 3.5-inch IDE hard-drive bay.  Well actually you don't have to picture it – it's shown in this post.


It all hooks up to your laptop via one USB cable, and there's a pass-through port on the front for thumb-drive duties.  Cooling is managed by an aluminium heat-sink, together with a fan for when things get really toasty.


Out of stock currently, ThinkGeek will be selling it for $89.99 (sans drives)

ThinkGeek [via Electronista]