Think Geek Tactical Sammich to power zombie fighters of the future

Even the CDC has been giving tips to folks on how to stock up to survive a zombie apocalypse. The same survival kit will come in handy for things like earthquakes, floods, and tornados too. Granted in a natural disaster of the non-zombie sort, you will get less use from your machete-throwing slingshot than when the zombie scourge rears its rotting head. Still, the key here is to be prepared for anything. I know many geeks that are powered by Hot Pockets and Dr. Pepper and the thought of going without internet access in a disaster is bad enough, but going sans snackage is more than they can take.

If you are getting your zombie survival kit ready, ThinkGeek has a new item you can add. It's called the Tactical Sammich and it's sort of like a Hot Pocket that isn't hot. The Sammiches come in pepperoni and honey BBQ beef. For the zombie plague survivor watching their waistline, each of the Sammiches is only 300 calories. One of the most important factors is that you can buy these things and they will last up to two-years in that dark hole in the back yard you call a bunker.

Zombie survival isn't cheap; each Tactical Sammich will cost you $5.99. Each package measures 8" x 6". I wonder if there is any real meat inside these things or if it's all soy and preservatives. No cooking is involved, simply rip open your Sammich and eat.