Geek makes slingshot that shoots machetes

I vote this guy most likely to lose a finger. If you watched the Walking Dead, you know that we have to be ready for the zombie hoards at any time. One geek is ready with his own homemade slingshot gun that doesn't fling any namby-pamby rocks or BB's. This slingshot is for the zombie killer with vision and slings machetes, not the Danny Trejo type mind you.

This thing appears to be cobbled together out of scrap wood left lying around. Don't worry about the builder though, should those thin pieces of surgical tubing and wood happen to break he is protected by what may be the only Esprit shirt to survive the 80's, a green jacket and one of those face shields people wear when they grind things.

I just have the sense that this thing is a really bad accident waiting to happen. Still it's cool, I just hope the next time we see this dude he has both eyes and all his fingers.