These magazine covers were shot with the iPhone 7 Plus

News of the camera industry's troubles is everywhere you look, and some companies have buckled under the weight. Mobile photography, on the other hand, is thriving as mobile cameras increase in quality and more consumers upgrade their handsets to better models. Chief among the best of the mobile camera offerings is the iPhone, and we've seen it put to the test more than a few times.

Two Conde Nast magazines — Traveler and Bon Appetit — recently used photographs on their front covers that were snapped using the iPhone 7 Plus. Both were shot outdoors in bright sunlight, no doubt helping the sensor function at its best; still, the move is a big one, underscoring the shift taking place in both the publishing and the camera markets.

Bon Appetit's creative director Alex Grossman recently discussed the decision to use mobile photographs, saying:

The iPhone lens is how we look at photography now. It changes the whole process and feel of a photo shoot, making it more intimate, less invasive, more nimble. We wanted to create something our reader would relate to.

There are many reasons to like mobile photography versus traditional gear — a smartphone is much lighter than a DSLR, mobile photography lenses are easier and lighter to carry around, photos can be directly uploaded to the cloud with the camera's own data connection, the entire setup is far less conspicuous, and people react more naturally around such cameras. None of this is to say that traditional cameras are going anywhere, though. Smartphones, after all, aren't so great in low-light situations...for now.

SOURCE: PRNewswire