These holiday Xbox One and PlayStation deals are still running

Eric Abent - Dec 27, 2018, 12:11 pm CST
These holiday Xbox One and PlayStation deals are still running

Even though Christmas has come and gone, those of you with some holiday cash to burn can still partake in some gaming deals for Xbox One and PlayStation. It’s a particularly good time to be picking up some new games, as both Microsoft and Sony are hosting sales on their digital storefronts. If you’re in the market for a new console, there are a few discounts still available for you as well.

We weren’t sure when Microsoft’s $100 off promotion for Xbox One was going to end, but it seems that those discounts went away either on or shortly before Christmas. Still, Amazon shows some discounts on Xbox One bundles, so you can save a few bucks by picking up one of those.

For instance, Amazon currently lists the Minecraft Creator’s Bundle at $233.89, almost as good as the $100 discount Microsoft put in place before Christmas. The Battlefied V Xbox One S bundle, on the other hand, is $259.00 – it’s worth pointing out that Microsoft is charging more for these bundles on its own site, so these discounts seem to be the doing of Amazon sellers.

Then, of course, we’ve also got the PlayStation, which was discounted earlier today on Amazon as well. Originally priced at $100, Amazon has brought its price down to $59.99. Other retailers like GameStop and Walmart are showing that new price as well, so this appears to be an official price drop. Whether or not the PlayStation Classic will pick up steam at this price remains to be seen, but it’s clear that Sony can’t just rely on nostalgia to move retro consoles.

Xbox Live and PSN are both holding holiday sales until New Year’s Day, so this is a good time to go shopping for some digital games. Just as well, GameStop’s winter sale is in full swing as well, offering up to 50% off on new games; a buy two, get one free deal on used titles; and a $50 gift card with the purchase of an Xbox One console.

So, even though Christmas is over, there are still some gaming deals to be had between now and the start of the new year. Most of these sales will be wrapping up as we head into January, so now certainly seems like the time to strike if you’ve been thinking of picking up some new games.

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