These early Surface Pro 5 rumors suggest Microsoft is playing safe

Given that the Surface Pro 4 was released back in 2015, there's at least a decent chance that we'll see the Surface Pro 5 release sometime this year. Today new rumors are suggesting that Microsoft may not be looking to do much in the way of refinement in the Surface Pro 5, instead playing it safe and sticking with what works.

Specifically, those rumors come from Paul Thurott by way of a single Twitter post. 140 characters don't give us a whole lot to work with, but Thurott drops two important details in his tweet. The first is that Microsoft will stick with the Surface power connector in the Surface Pro 5, and that the tablet will use Intel Kaby Lake Processors.

Thurott finishes his tweet by saying "nothing dramatic," and indeed, Microsoft has good reason to avoid changing things up too much. Just yesterday, JD Power announced that Surface tablets had surpassed iPads in customer satisfaction for the first time ever, which is a huge win for Microsoft.

The Surface clearly does something right from a consumer satisfaction standpoint, so Microsoft probably just wants to play it safe with the release of the Surface Pro 5. Though it would be nice to see the Surface Pro 5 use USB-C, the Surface connector that it currently uses still has its benefits. After all, it is a magnetic connection, which is always nice to have despite the fact that it's proprietary.

We'll just have to sit back and see what Microsoft announces when it gets around to actually revealing the Surface Pro 5. As always, take this with a grain of salt, because even if this is what Microsoft is planning right now, the composition of the Surface Pro 5 could very well change by the time we get to release.

SOURCE: Paul Thurott