These are the first third-party apps to support 3D Touch

Today the iPhone 6s will be in the hands of thousands of new users, and with it, Apple's newest hardware feature: 3D Touch. This piece of technology senses how deeply a user presses the iPhone's display, also giving the user real-time feedback with the device's new Taptic Engine. Today we have a list of the first set of 3rd-party apps that'll be working with 3D Touch functionality, right out the gate.

First we've got our own demo of 3D Touch on the iPhone 6s. Using a set of 96 sensors under the hood of the iPhone 6s (and iPhone 6s Plus), your finger is able to access a new layer of information and functionality. As you'll see here, many of Apple's built-in apps have 3D Touch abilities already.

The first entry on our list, Instagram, can be seen demoed in the video above. Pressing harder on a photo in your Instagram feed instead of tapping results in a Peek at content. This way you can get what you want and let go to continue browsing rather than needing to press your back button.

Below you'll see a list of apps that either have 3D Touch abilities right now or will in the immediate future.


• Pinterest

• We Chat

• Weibo

• Sky Guide

• Dropbox

• AG Drive

• Genius Scan

• Genius Scan+

• Workflow

• Endless Alphabet

• Endless Reader

• Evernote

• Opentable

ClearSlide Mail

• Blue Jeans



• Blue Apron


• OmniOutliner

• OmniGraffle

OmniFocus 2

• Pandora

• Shazam

• Camera+ (Tap Tap Tap)

Magic Piano (Smule)

• Storehouse


• Citymapper

• Magic Piano (Smule)

• Storehouse

• Things.

• Curious

• Chairish

The entries above with links are all live with 3D Touch abilities and are the apps we recommend you try out first. Begin with an extra-immersive tap into a digital piano with Magic Piano with Smule, start peeking at your tweets with Twitter, and keep track of your notes and schedule with a new way to navigate in Omnifocus 2.

Let us know if you find any other apps that are made better by 3D Touch as they begin to pop up this week!