Thermofocus - The No Contact Thermometer

I would like to start off by saying, I have no children. However, I have somehow managed to always have some kind of small child in my life that I take care of from time to time. I've worked daycare, had baby nieces and even helped with a few different friends kids. No matter how much experience I have I still dread taking a child's temperature.

At one point I bought stickers that were thermometers but they were so hard to read that I had to give up. This Thermofocus accurately checks the child's temperature without inserting it anywhere or trying to get them to hold still long enough for you to put it under their armpit. The other horrible task is worrying if the bath, the bottle, or the food is too hot. I'd might be ok if I were scalding my own child, but it just seems wrong to do it to other people's children.

The thermometer from Kidz-Med never touches the child. You just point it at their forehead and it will take an accurate reading. Its an expensive thermometer at $99.95, however it'd be great for foster parents and daycare centers. Well that and that one person in the family that just can't seem to stop reproducing.

Thermofocus needs no probing [via techidiva]