There's no place like PlayStation Home: Region differences

Sony's Home interactive environment for PS3 owners launched at the same time worldwide, so you'd be forgiven for assuming that the user experience is the same no matter where you live.  In reality, there are plenty of differences between the three geographic regions – North America, Europe and Japan – including changes in scale, entertainment on offer and what Sony will try to sell you in the mall.

The UK version of Home, for instance, is the smallest, but has the biggest cinema with the widest selection of content: ten screens showing a variety of trailers, episodes and films.  Meanwhile the North American version of Home has a more distinctive plaza, with interactive games, but the mall lacks the branded goods you'll find in the UK version – including Diesel and Ligne Roset – and is instead made up of generics.

Finally, the Japanese version of Home is the largest on offer, with more virtual spaces and things to buy than in either the North American or European environments.  There's also a café socializing area, together with a bigger arcade with games not available in the other regions.  Full details at the link above.

[via Kotaku]