There's bad news about the Galaxy S9 display

As is usually the case, speculation about upcoming flagships begins well before that flagship is actually launched, and with the Galaxy S9, it seems we've been hearing rumors and speculation since the Galaxy S8 arrived on the scene. One topic that has seen a particularly high amount of back and forth is the Galaxy S9's fingerprint scanner. Plenty of rumors have claimed that Samsung has been looking into an in-display fingerprint reader, which would certainly be an interesting biometric addition to Samsung's phone.

This isn't the first time we've heard of a manufacturer plotting an in-display fingerprint scanner. Back before the iPhone X was revealed and we knew that Apple was looking to launch the device with an edge-to-edge display, we heard at least one rumor that claimed Apple was pursuing similar technology. Ultimately, an in-display fingerprint scanner never materialized on the iPhone X, with Apple opting for Face ID instead.

But what of the Galaxy S9? Will we see the tech feature in Samsung's next flagship? It isn't looking good for an in-display fingerprint scanner in the Galaxy S9, as a new report from The Investor claims that Samsung has abandoned its efforts to implement the feature.

That means we'll see the traditional rear-facing fingerprint scanner in the Galaxy S9. However, that doesn't mean the end of Samsung's plans to use the technology in its phones. Instead, it will debut its new fingerprint scanner in the Galaxy Note 9 late next year.

As always, take this rumor with a grain of salt, but keep in mind that this isn't the first time we've heard of Samsung ditching its plans for the Galaxy S9. Still, we're months out from release, and a lot can change between then and now. If Samsung is forced to go with a traditional fingerprint scanner, though, let's just hope for better placement in the Galaxy S9.