There's a Spotify miniplayer in Facebook now

Facebook continues its quest to have you never leave its software, with the addition of a new Spotify miniplayer baked into the social networking site's app. The new integration will allow Spotify users to access playlists and – depending on their subscription – other streaming music features directly within Facebook's iOS and Android apps.

Those who have a Spotify Premium account will be able to play songs and podcast episodes completely within the Facebook app. Spotify Free users, meanwhile, will be able to access shuffle mode within the miniplayer, punctuated with the usual adverts.

If you share Spotify music links to Facebook, other people will be able to see the miniplayer within their timeline. Alternately, some verified artists will have player access on their posts, together with user-uploaded videos on Facebook if they contain licensed music.

The first time you try to use the miniplayer, you'll need to connect your Facebook and Spotify accounts together. If you're not already logged into Spotify at that point, you'll have to do that first. The miniplayer is persistent, too, so that if you keep scrolling down you'll still hear the music.

Initially, Spotify says, there'll be support in 27 locations: Argentina, Australia, Bolivia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Indonesia, Israel, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, South Africa, Thailand, Uruguay, and the US. It'll expand to further markets later in 2021.