There's a cheaper BB-8 "drone" too, from Hasbro

Just in case you didn't want to get the real-deal BB-8 by Sphero this Force Friday, there is another. This is supposing you're not wanting to pay one hundred and fifty dollars for the greatest Star Wars toy ever made, that is to say. If that's a bit out of your price range, there's also the Hasbro Target exclusive remote control BB-8, one that's not nearly so fantastic, one that works with AA-batteries instead of rechargeable built-in batteries.

This cheaper BB-8 is made with flimsier plastic than the tried-and-true hardcore plastic made by Sphero. This cheaper device has its own physical controller – which is neat – but also only allows basic navigation. And no autonomous mode. You're buying a tiny toy here, not a robotic masterpiece.

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The Hasbro BB-8 remote control toy will cost you $59.99 USD and it's a Target exclusive. You won't find this one at Best Buy or the Apple Store.

UPDATE: An earlier version of this article suggested the toy would be $79.99 – the product is actually $59.99, as it turns out.

Below you'll see data being collected by the BB-8 by Sphero. This is being done while the robot is rolling around on its own, exploring. Using only its built-in sensors to decide where it'll go next.

Next you'll see an augmented reality "holographic display" being shown by BB-8 with an iPad. This feature does not come with the Hasbro model.

Just to drive the point home – both the Hasbro model and the Sphero model will be available at the same time – at midnight tonight – but you'll get what you pay for.