The Zelda Corset Offers A Bit Of Geeky Sex Appeal

Not all geek girls like to show their geeky colors by wearing all sorts of gaming and tech inspired fashion, however, it is fun from time to time. This Zelda corset is definitely one way to show your pride in one of the classic games we all know and love.

At one point I vaguely recall coming across a Mario version of this corset, however, it seems they are no longer selling it. The vendor on Etsy is selling a few classic cartoon inspired ones instead, if this Zelda one doesn't suit you. One of which being Rainbow Brite, they also feature a classic Ninja Turtles dress. I currently own three different Ninja Turtles t-shirts as well as one of the original action figures, but that dress is a bit over the top, even for me.

The Zelda corset from the looks of the back of it, appears to be more of a cute corset than a functional one. Real corsets are strung slightly differently, so you won't have to worry about gasping for air the entire day. All of the different corsets are being sold for $99.98.

[via hawty mcbloggy]