The WoW Community gets positive publicity from mainstream media

The gaming community has a tendency to get a bad reputation, especially when it comes to the mainstream media. Thankfully, the LA Times has a story about a married couple playing WoW together and it's actually positive.

The story is about Brad and Cynthia Murdock who are happily married and play WoW together. She actually started playing with him, so instead of grumbling she tried out the game.

The LA Times even managed to get an interview with Frank Pearce who avoided giving out the release date for WoTLK. Just stating "We typically try to avoid launch windows until we're pretty sure we can achieve them." Well, looks like a heart touching story about gamers in love won't even get us the release date any sooner. You can check out the full story here, it's nice to see a story like this reaching the LA Times.

[via wowinsider]