The World is Ending – Kids Don’t Want Toys for Christmas

Chris Burns - Oct 25, 2010, 6:23pm CDT
The World is Ending – Kids Don’t Want Toys for Christmas

The most recent Duracell Toy Report suggests that kids don’t have no mo love for the Nerfs and Legos of our childhood. I say yours and mine because I’m relatively young for the world and I only got my first computer when I was in my teenage years, and I know the majority of the people on the internet still are people my age. I enjoyed action figures. According to Duracell, kids have switched over to Apple gadgets, Playstations, and Harry Potter video games.

The top 10 toys for Christmas 2010, according to the report are:
1) iPhone 4 (14%)
2) iPod touch (13%)
3) iPad (12%)
4) Kinect for Xbox (6%)
5) Zhu Zhu Pet Hamsters / Kung Zhu Hamsters (5%)
6) Flip Video Camera (4%)
7) Toy Story 3 Jet Pack Buzz Lightyear (4%)
8) PlayStation Move (4%)
9) LEGO Harry Potter Years 1-4 Video Game (3%)
10) Barbie Video Girl (3%)

Children quizzed this year added up to be thus: approximately 39 percent of children of all ages quizzed wanted Apple gadgets this year. Seventeen percent of 5-8 year olds, 50% of 9-12 year olds, and 66% of 13-16 year olds all had Apple right up on top of their lists.

The report was made up of 2,138 children and parents equally quizzed. The report found that 3 out of 5 parents asked would be buying presents that would “keep their youngsters quiet throughout the holidays.” That’s scary. I mean it makes sense, sure, keep the kids quiet so you can live your life, but that’s a kid. Parents, do you want a world where everyone is busy on a screen forever? Do you want that kind of world for future generations?

On the other hand, maybe on the brighter side(?), both sexes of children increasingly opted for gender neutral gadgets. And whether we like it or not, children on average had 39 gadgets (OR toys) to play with, more than twice as many as their parents did at the same age.

What’s you’re opinion on all this? The most important thing I find to be happening here is the shaping of future generations. I write for a gadgets blog, but I don’t like the idea that that’s all our future is made up of. You’ve got to remember your days of jumping into the lake, running around the local playground and playing some baseball too. Even if it’s only when you’re a kid, even if you don’t end up loving that forever. That’s my thought on that.

[Via Telegraph UK]

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