The Wolverine movie gets 6-second trailer on Vine

Chris Burns - Mar 25, 2013
The Wolverine movie gets 6-second trailer on Vine

What you’re about to see is a series of clips from a trailer for the next Wolverine (Marvel Comics) movie starring Hugh Jackman and one whole heck of a lot of swords. This movie will take place largely in modern-day Japan where our best beastly buddy will take on evil in a rather ancient sort of way. The trailer, you’ll find, offers very few clues as to what we’re going to see in the film – other than many, many fights and a whole lot of bladework going on.

This film has had a couple of “moving posters” revealed this week as well. The first shows the man whipping out his claws in a rainy day situation on a street, while the other shows Wolverine discussing his Batman-like stance with the wind. Have a peek first at the louder of the two posters here, then let yourself reflect on how Batman and Wolverine were paired up in the 1990s for a comic series that had them eventually converge into one being – name that comic label!

This much more Dark Knight-like moving poster is the “international” model in which you’ll once again understand that we’re headed to Japan. This fabulous environment will be the place where Logan fights not just with his claws, but with a katana as well. His mind and body and spirit will be tested as well, etcetera, but the blood will be there. Oh yes, there will be blood aplenty.

Finally have at this lovely Vine video and cry because it’s so very, very short. You’ll be able to see the full version of this trailer on the 27th of this month while the movie will premiere on the 26th of July!

[vms 3397beb79f116f3a3399]

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