The Wolverine International Trailer revealed: a future in Japan

Chris Burns - Mar 27, 2013
The Wolverine International Trailer revealed: a future in Japan

It’s time drop a couple of claws into the first full-length trailer for The Wolverine, the next chapter in the Hugh Jackman saga surrounding one of the most wild characters in the Marvel Comics universe. Here in this series of revelations (otherwise known as SPOILERS) we find Wolverine, also known as Logan, living further into the future than we’ve yet gone with Marvel on-screen thus far. We see there that his hero is offered thanks from a man whose life had been saved by Wolverine, offering him a gift for his generosity.

Of course with such plot elements finding their way into the trailer itself, we must assume that Wolverine’s trip to Japan happens rather early in the movie. With the man finding his love in Jean Gray lost in a crumpled photo and and reborn in the woman you Wolverine buffs might recognize, he’s brought to the land of the blood red sun where we’ll certainly be seeing some rather emotional moments. No worries though, there’ll be plenty of sword fighting to be had.

When you dive into the Wolverine story archives, you find a massively expansive timeline and versions of the truth – in the comics, that is. If you’re talking about the film series, we’ve still got a lot of questions about how everything in Logan’s life will have happened – and will happen in the future. With this movie it would appear that those with the rights to the Wolverine name have decided that he’ll survive well beyond the lives of his X-Men pals – we’re not expecting many, if any, crossovers here in this installment.

This may well make for a less-than exciting set of battles in future X-Men-centric films – at least for this particular character. What fun is it if we know he survives?

This film will be hitting theaters in July – this international trailer reveals that internationally you’ll be grabbing your seat on July 26th! Have a heart and see Wolverine chop his way to mortality courtesy of a man with a fabulous set of magical science skills this summer – and let us know how it goes!

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