The Wind Up LED Camp Light

Tired of buying those giant batteries for your lantern when you head off to go camping? This Wind Up LED Camplight is a much more convenient way to head off into the great outdoors.

I really truly hate dealing with lanterns when I go camping, because I never have replacement batteries handy. Who keeps triple D mega batteries (or whatever they are) around anyway? I have a wind up flashlight, which is the same concept as this lantern. It's never very bright though, hopefully this lantern shines bright enough.

It has two settings, normal and night light. It can be charged in your car or by wind up. A 1 minute wind is equal to 30 minutes of the normal light. A full wind gives four hours normal light or 48 hours on the nightlight. It is priced at slightly less than $40.

Wind Up LED Camp Light [via ubergizmo]