The Wii asks "What recession?"

Nintendo's Wii console topped the sales charts for video game consoles in February where hardware sales increased by 11% to $532.7 million and software was up by 9% to $733.5 million.  753,000 Wii consoles were sold as the supply now seems to be fitting the demand.  XBox 360 and Plastation 3 and 2 followed in second and third place respectively.  The top selling game was not a Wii title however; Street Fighter IV sold the most copies on XBox 360 and PS3 combined.  Wii Fit came in at number two.

There are just some things that consumers are going to buy no matter what, and video games and consoles appear to be one of them.  I wonder if there's any correlation to the unemployment rate. I know I'd rather play Wii Fit than watch Maury.

[Via Reuters]