The Walletino – a UMPC for ladies

Chris Davies - Oct 18, 2006

A lady I work with uses a Tablet PC to interview and assess clients; it means has all the forms she might possibly need on-hand, without carrying a massive file around.  I’m not sure what she’d say to me if I suggested she store her keys and make-up in it – probably ask me if I was trying to make some sort of filthy PC-Card innuendo – but hopefully she’d understand if I showed her UML’s purse-style UMPC concept, The Walletino.

The Walletino

Seriously, though: think cash, credit cards and business cards nestling alongside a fully-functioning PC useful for, say, price-checking online stores when you’re tempted to make a real-world impulse purchase.  How about uploading and browsing photos as soon as you take them, rather than having to remind your friends time and time again to email them to you? 

The Walletino

UML envisage a cellphone nestling inside there too, so that carriers can compete for your attention with VOIP providers; strap on your Bluetooth headset and there’s another opportunity to look like you’re talking to yourself! 

This is one of a series of concepts that is running; will you see them in stores?  Unlikely.  But anything that gets people thinking about how an ultra-portable PC might benefit them is good for driving innovation; UML are keeping an open mind and are taking light-hearted suggestions in good humour, so why not give them some feedback.

The Walletino UMPC []

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