The very pink iPod Nano Case

I apologize, but it's apparently a pink day. This does happen on occasion, it's usually a sign that I'm about to be very ill. I can never decide if I'm writing up more pink stuff because I'm running a fever or if the pink stuff causes the illness. I'll get back to you on that one.

Well this latest pink gear is a Nano case that even features a cute little face, as if the pink weren't sweet and innocent enough. They of course had to add ears and that whole bear face. On the back of the case is a spot to wind the earbuds cord around, which is convenient, but it'd make it difficult to fit into your pocket.

At least it comes with a lanyard though. Maybe we can get a review unit of this in too and Vincent will have yet another thing to make poor Ann wear. The case itself is from Focal Point Computer, but beyond that there aren't any details on the product.

[via akihabaranews]