The Velvet Invador laptop cases

I came across Velvet Idole's more chic laptop cases on a different blog. I decided to check out Velvet's site only to discover that not only do they have chic handmade laptop cases, but space invader ones too. Then even better, they have the same styles for their iPod cases and PSP cases.

I always enjoy stumbling across geeky finds in the strangest of places, but it doesn't happen all that often. They sell two different styles called Velvet Invadors, one is a lighter blue and one in red. They both have a slightly feminine twist to them.

Each one is $95.72, and the handmade styles are a bit more expensive of course. The iPod cases don't list what sizes fit, but in the photo they show a 3rd generation iPod. The iPod case is being sold for $49.77 and the PSP cases are priced at $57.43. The only currently available sizes for the laptop case are 12, 14, 15 and 17-in. Of course the site not only shows an outdated iPod but under the sizes for laptops they also mention the iBook. However, I can overlook that fact since they have such pretty cases.

Nubuck Laptop Cases [via likecool]