The USB Pole Dancer is pure class

Don't get out much? Well now your prayers have been answered, you can purchase the USB Pole Dancer. With it you can have all the plastic boobies you want within the comfort of your own home.

I am quite open-minded to other people's definitions of hot, especially since my definition of cute is well blood sucking zombies and creepy skulls with fangs. However, a plastic stripper baffles me a little. I even understand guys making the rounds at the local stripclub, but a USB stripper is definitely odd.

Just plug her in and she will spin, "gyrate", and rub up and down the pole in tune with the lights and the "backing music". Sadly no fancy pole tricks where they hang upside down or turn into a human pretzel and the bikini does stay on. It's more of a PG-13 kind of a show you will still have to leave the house to see the actual boobies. Unless of course you do have a chick or are one. The dancer costs DKK 169,000 and I hope you can convert that because Google can't.

USB Stripper [via geekologie]