The Unbreakable Fighting Umbrella slices watermelons

We've all seen the movies with random elderly women beating the snot out of someone with her cane. Granted I've never seen that in real life I still tend to steer clear of anyone with a cane for fear they will knock me over the head with it. Maybe I've just watched The Lion King too many times. Now we have one more group to fear, those carrying umbrellas.

This umbrella can slice a watermelon in two, won't break in half and would be great to pummel someone with. In the video Thomas Kurtz demonstrates all of this, who is apparently the world's foremost expert on flexibility training.   Although, to be perfectly honest I'm not entirely sure what that means, for all I know he's just great at turning himself into a human pretzel.

In the Philippines the secret service has started carrying these and several other agencies are picking up on the product as well. You can pick up one of these umbrellas for $180.

[via gizmodo]