The Ultimate Ears UE-11 Pro earphones

Abby McVay - Jan 16, 2008

When I splurged on nice headphones last year I went for Skullcandy, which to me was pushing my spending limits a bit. However, if you make more money sometimes you want top of the line equipment. Especially ones that the average Joe generally has issues snagging. These Ultimate Ears UE-11 Pro earphones have all the features and the price to go with it.

The earphones have four speakers in each ear and has an in-ear “speaker configuration of four proprietary balanced armatures with integrated, electrically and acoustically tuned passive three-way crossover.” Basically that means they have a really awesome sound quality.

It also has 26dB noise isolation (to block out all that background noise), and a two-driver subwoofer. The earphones will cost you $1,150. Giving me the argument that my headphones didn’t cost as much as others I’ve seen.

Ultimate Ears wants $1,150 for new earphones [via slipperbrick]

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