The UFO Lamp for space geeks

Abby McVay - Feb 20, 2008

For all those that can’t quite let go of their love of aliens and UFO’s, this little light might be a cool accessory to add to your bedroom in the basement of your mother’s house. Alright, in all fairness it is pretty cool lamp, even if it does appear a bit childish to your significant other.

Don’t tell, but if it were cheaper I’d definitely hang it in my office above my desk. Making me feel super bad ass while playing some World of Warcraft. The light is adjustable as to how much light you want it to produce.

If you hang it low it will give off a nice soft glow, however, when hung higher it will give more direct light that shines through the clear bottom. The lamp is being sold for $100.

[via likecool]

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