The tiny vacuum cleaner to save a bit of energy

Abby McVay - Mar 31, 2008

If you’re living in a smaller apartment or even a carpeted dorm room it’s not really necessary to own a full size vacuum. They both use a ton of energy and take up way too much storage room, Morphy Richards has created a smaller alternative for those small spaces.

I’ve lived in places where I just had a tiny bit of carpet so a full sized vacuum was absolutely ridiculous but I had one anyway due to lack of exciting choices. If you don’t have much of a mess to clean up you can flip a switch, the ‘eco switch’ for a slightly lighter mode and save a bit of energy.

The little sweeper is being sold for just under $60 or £29.99. Not a bad price and you can keep any hippie friends off of your back and brag about how you’re saving the environment.

[via shinyshiny]

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