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Abby McVay - Dec 11, 2007

I in the past few years have sworn off of watches, I basically came to the conclusion if I couldn’t find the perfect watch that I have designed in my head I will have no watch at all. That however, leaves me with my cell which only displays the time on the front for about ten seconds after you have closed it. For those that can’t constantly check their phone, this discreet little clock is a sneaky way to keep you on time.

Certain tricky places like to abandon having a clock displayed on the wall such as waiting rooms, board rooms and the occasional classroom. Two of the three tend to frown on you constantly glancing at your cellphone. This little clock just clips to your shirt, pocket or even your purse.

The clocks come in a set of two, which is convenient since I’m sure with them being so small they would be easy to lose. It is sold on Amazon for $17.95 and for once, batteries are included.

Sneaky Clip Led Clock
[via random good stuff]

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