The Swear Box

The Swear box is your own personal gadget to monitor that dirty language of yours. It takes on the fight fire with fire technique, unlike other attempts at sweetening up the potty mouths we seem to have acquired.

Don't try to play innocent; we know you like to spurt out the obscenities from time to time. The Swear Box is designed to help you cut down on all those naughty words you like to say. All you do is every time you accidentally start spouting off whatever your colorful phrase of the day is you drop in a little cash. When this happens the Swear Box will automatically start in on a 12 second hissy fit that has all the latest foul language.

The swear box is priced at around $15 and is suitable for ages 16 and up. Although, you may want to present this to your 13 year old too, no matter how innocent they like to act.

Swear Box Trains You To Talk Like a Lady [via chipchick]