The Stress Eraser- a gadget that reminds you to breathe

The Stress Eraser sounds a bit like something out of Terminator 2, but I'll try not to hold that against them. In a world where everyone is extremely stressed out about one thing or another, we need to somehow chill out. I guess they are trying to stray away from using all that Prozac.

How it works is that you try to match your breathing with the pattern shown on the screen. If you're not sure if it is working you the gadget can check your heart rate. They recommend that you use it for 15 minutes every night and it will take about 30 days to fully kick in.

Basically what they are saying is it is a gadget to relax and practice deep breathing that sounds a bit familiar, perhaps like meditation. I hope your stress isn't money related, because the Stress Eraser costs $299.

The Stress Eraser – Avoid That Mental Breakdown [via Oh Gizmo]