The Sparkly CD Clock

Abby McVay - Aug 22, 2007

Recycled gadgets are always a nice thing to add to any home especially if they are done well and really look cool. This Sparkly CD Clock is made up of old used CDs and turned into these chic clocks.

The site explains the cool effect by stating that “each clock undergoes a heating and cooling process to create the unique iridescent cracked effect on the surface”. I have actually seen this effect before; it usually follows when you put the CD in the microwave. I’m not actually sure if it hurts your microwave, but it makes a cool light show with all the sparks and such. Ending finally with a very similar cracked effect.

When you purchase the clock, which is priced at $15.95, you will receive a free diskette notebook. Which is a small notebook made from old recycled diskettes.

recycled diskette notebook

Sparkly Recycled CD Clocks [via geekalerts]

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