The Space Invaders Alarm Clock

Abby McVay - Nov 23, 2007

Everyone needs that one room in their house that is dedicated to Space Invaders, of course, you’ll need a seperate one for all the Mario Bros. accessories too. If you’re going to dedicate any room to Space Invaders, I would suggest making it your bedroom just so you can have this bad boy lying next to your bed.

This is yet another gadget that has a geek theme, but isn’t so obvious that it would end in the average person looking at you like a crazy person. I tend to get that look in when I’m in my various comic book themed PJs.

The clock comes in white, blue/white, and the black featured here. It’d make a great Christmas gift for your favorite geek, now whether or not that favorite geek is you, is another story. Each clock is priced at $63.81.

Space Invaders alarm clock invades with style [via slipperybrick]

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