The Solar Powered Battery for the PSP

Abby McVay - Jan 7, 2008

I am always all about any gadget that utilizes solar power, but sometimes just using solar power isn’t enough. Occasionally you have to actually think the design through a bit. The PSP can now harness solar power through deal extreme, but not in the brightest way.

Although its fine and dandy that they attached a solar panel to the PSP, they attached it to the bottom. I seriously hope you don’t mind just letting it sit out all day, taunting you while it charges. You can’t touch it though, you just have to wait until it’s done. That is unless you can learn to game hanging upside down.

The 1800mAh Self-Recharging Solar Battery USB Charger for PSP is being sold for $28.76. Yet another example of good intentions gone horribly wrong, but good luck with that whole gaming upside down thing.

PSP to get solar powered batter
[via joystiq]

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