The Simplistically Chic Felt Laptop Sleeve

If you like simplicity with your gadgets this cute sleeve is just the thing to keep your laptop protected from the elements. Just using wool felt and a wide elastic loop, it is probably the most simple sleeve to make.

Honestly, I expected this to come from Etsy and was equally surprised when I saw the price. I would think with supplies anyone could pick up from the local craft store it would at the very least be below fifty bucks.

However, each bag is being sold for $65-$75 just depending on the size. It is available to fit 13", 15" or 17" and comes in light green, hot pink, orange and olive. It still isn't a bad price and it would be great for any woman who needs her laptop for school and work since it could easily switch between your bookbag and briefcase.

Felt Laptop Sleeve [via betterlivingthroughdesign]