The Retro straightening iron-Meh!

I absolutely love retro products; I even carry a cigarette case with a pinup girl on the front instead of a wallet like everyone else. There is a line of hair products out there now by head gear Retro, they have a hair dryer, straightening iron, and a Ceramic Spiral Tong.

The hair dryer looks very retro and I'd be tempted to purchase one myself, however, the other two the only thing that is making them "retro" is the pink stripe. The design isn't any different; it just used a pink that is typically deemed retro.

I personally am not going to call it retro just because they used a more dull pink or a faded white.

It does support a salon length cord with a swivel so it moves with you, which is always fabulous. It is, however, priced at around $80, which isn't way over the top, but frankly it's definitely not cheap either.

HeadGear Retro Straightening Irons [via GadgetCandy]