The Quicktionary 2 Kanji Reader translates for you

Abby McVay - Mar 26, 2008

A great many of us have attempted to learn or actually succeeded in learning a foreign language and know the woes that go along with the learning process. Now there are those few people that pick up a new language with no problem, but for the rest of us any form of a cheat sheet might be nice. This Quicktionary 2 Kanji Reader helps when you just can’t translate a word or sentence or two of text.

It simply scans Kanji and then gives a translation in either Japanese or English. It can either show you the translation on the small built-in screen or actually tell you in audio form through the speakers. Which would be nice for those actually wanting to know how it is pronounced properly as well.

The Quicktionary 2 Kanji Reader will be released as of April 10th, so you’ll have to wait a couple more weeks to snag one of your own. It will be sold for $368, which in my opinion is slightly steep but if you’re desperate for a bit of extra help it might be able to give you that extra shove in the right direction.

[via techdigest]

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