The Princess Bride game for the PC and Mac

Alright, so I am a major fan of The Princess Bride, especially the movie. For once I enjoyed the movie more than the book, which is a bit different from the way it normally works. Well now there is a game to go along with it.

Being a bit of a fan, I'm probably a slightly critical judge of any game that would follow the movie. However, most that would seek out the game are going to be and I have to say after watching the video clip it looks like some Barbie Princess movie.

It claims to have spectacular animation, but I didn't see any in the video. It was nothing special, on the plus side they got some of the original actors out of the movie to do some voices. Which is always great and not only does it work on the PC, but it works on a Mac as well. Frankly, a game based on that movie could have been cool but they just turned it into something I would expect to be targeted at young girls. The game will ship on June 30th and is being sold for $20.

[via macnn]