The Power Assist Wagon does the work for you

Abby McVay - Apr 1, 2008

If you’re stuck carting your kids around at the park and other family affairs, that wagon you pull them in might be getting a bit heavy. If you need an extra boost to keep you going all day, this little guy with its motor might be just the boost you need.

Although I’d be a bit annoyed if I saw a kid pulling around a motorized wagon, I can understand a parent with a couple toddlers needing some extra help. The wagon doesn’t go over 2 ½ mph so there is no need to worry about it towing your kids at high speeds or anything.

All of the controls are directly on the handle, you will have to press a button to let the wagon know if you need to go forwards or backwards. It runs off of a 12-volt rechargeable battery, if you charge it for 8 hours the wagon will run for an hour. It is being sold for $179.95.

[via ohgizmo]

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