The Plate Flipper Lets You Speak Your Mind

Sometimes its the simple gadgets that have the biggest effect. I know its great to have those flashy ones to make you feel important. However, quirky gadgets such as this plate flipper can make the biggest impact.

If you feel like you're not getting your message across with all those crazy drivers out there, this bad boy might be just the thing for you. The site does state that any altercation that comes as a result of the plate flipper they are in no way responsible for.

Just push the button in the cab of your vehicle and give that tailgater a piece of your mind. The plate flipper is $99.99 for your car and $89.99 for your motorcycle. I think I'd get a kick out of slipping one on a tractor, scooter or golf cart, then you can look cool going all of 15 mph.

Plate Flipper Gets Your Message Across [via ohgizmo]