The Pink Zune is out now!

There has been a lot of buzz about the Pink Zune and when it will come out. It was originally not supposed to come out until May, however, it would seem that it is out now and currently listed at Amazon.

The Pink Zunes have all the same features as the rest, it is just pink. I'm always torn about the pink techie products. I think they are cute, but at the same time I feel slightly insulted because I know that it is supposed to be the product aimed at girls. I dunno, call me crazy but I think there are some of us girls who actually like our tech toys in a different color than pink.

Luckily there are rumors of other colors coming out as well such as red, the orange it would seem has been confirmed. Either way, there is no denying that the new Pink Zune is extremely cute and will likely be sold out very quickly. Especially considering that there are only 100,000 being sold. These Zunes are currently priced at $249.

Pink Zune Now Shipping [via gizmodo]