The Personal Force Field Suit from Frog Vision

Abby McVay - Jan 16, 2008

Usually when I picture technology incorporated into fashion, I picture some of the really cheesy things that have come out so far. I mean a phone that’s a bracelet, really? It looks cute on the drawing board but in real life it just doesn’t work. For once someone has come out with some fashion that makes it seem really appealing visually and even pitches some ideas that would work great for day to day life.

This Personal Force Field Suit has a name that brings all kinds of hilarious images to mind, most looking like something off the Sci-Fi channel. The suit monitors your heart rate and when it senses you’re in distress it puts up a force field. That will stun any possible attackers. Lets just hope you don’t spook too easy. As promised though it does have much better practical uses than being a personal body guard.

It builds energy, which is how it stuns the attacker, however, that energy can be used elsewhere as well. Just pop your cellphone in your pocket and the suit will charge it up.

Frog Vision’s Futuristic Cyber Suit keeps you safe down dark lanes
[via gizmowatch]

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