The People Vs. Comcast

Why is Comcast still in business? There are other companies out there that provide better service at better prices. Comcast is a bully of a corporation that regularly ignores FCC mandates, and has been caught in some compromising situations in the last few months.

In many states Comcast has illegally entered into long term contracts with apartment complexes and home owners associations. This forces residents to switch to Comcast services, and has started an uproar in many communities.  Communities like those of blogger 'pshapiro' from PC World, who isn't going down without a fight. has recently formed a coalition for "net neutrality" that is taking on Comcast, and other large corporations who have violated it's customers. They want Comcast to be fined $195,000 for every customer affected by the recent BitTorrent scandal.

If you haven't already read about it, Comcast is being accused of limiting bandwidth to customers who frequent P2P downloading websites. With around 12.9 million customers surfing the web through Comcast, this could be a big hit to the telecom giant.

To take a stand against this kind of behavior you can file a complaint with the FCC. also has some good resources. Take the figurative hammer to Comcast, not the literal hammer like this lady.

You're Switching My Apartment to Comcast? I'm Moving Out [via PC World]