The Penta PC wall-mount PC mod

If you have a thing for odd PC mods this sinister design might perk up your interest. Not only is it a bit odd, it would be great for those stuck in a cramped space or those that need a computer for their living room. Spots where there isn't much room for much else.

I feel the need to note that the PC is a sinister design not because it features a pentagram which in itself is in no way sinister but because it is an upside down one. Those that know the difference tend to go nuts when someone assumes that they both mean the same thing. The Penta PC created by Magnus Persson is meant to be hung on the wall.

A few of the features of this PC include VIA Epia 1500 EX mainboard, 1GB of Corsair XMS2 memory, 250GB Seagate hard drive and LCD monitor. AC Ryan also joined in to help develop this PC, and it will be displayed at the Dreamhack in the AC Ryan booth.

Penta PC: A Pentagram shaped wall-mount PC Mod [via gizmowatch]