The Paper GPS - slightly Amish GPS

My parents live in an area that GPS is completely and totally useless. As far as it's concerned my parent's house just doesn't exist, so Mom has always just written out directions. Which typically lands you 10 miles from your destination and completely confused.

Her issue is punctuation in the proper places, a notepad like this would be perfect for her. Thankfully for me I have a GPS and look up my own directions when they are needed. Therefore I'm not subjected to trying to translate her gibberish. The notepad is extremely straight forward, circle the arrow and next to it the street name to turn onto.

It also has additional blanks to fill in things like destination, address and description. The pad is being sold at one of my favorite online stores, Perpetual Kid, for $6.50 per pad. Each pad has 60 sheets of paper. My favorite part about it is the check box at the bottom to select whether you made it or got lost.

[via technabob]