The Panic Button for all your cubicle frustrations

Don't have enough random accessories cluttering up you desktop?  Well then why not add yet another USB powered gadget to the mix, the USB powered Panic Button.

I'm pretty sure these USB powered toys have become the equivalent to an adult version of those old plastic toys you get in your McDonald's kids meal.  However, you can't resist having at least one, and if you're in the market you might check out this Panic Button.

This Panic Button can work in more than one way for you, just press the button and whichever screen you have it set to will pop up on your monitor.  There are three different ones, Excel Worksheet, simulated bomb explosion or a cartoon boss getting punched out.  Which means you can save yourself by laughing it off or when you are surfing the net looking up random things you can hide your deeds by pressing the button and the worksheet pops up making you appear perfectly innocent.  The button will cost you $17.

USB Panic Button for novelty reasons [via uberreview]