The Order 1886 Twitch gameplay promises real next-gen graphics

The Order 1886 is a game made to take part in the second wave of "next-generation" consoles: Xbox One and PlayStation 4 – exclusive to the latter, in this case. Today we've been treated to a PlayStation 4-specific bit of gameplay courtesy of Sony and the creators of the game Ready at Dawn. Straight from the PlayStation 4 version of The Order 1886, gameplay shows us a sort of steampunk-inspired landscape in which the player is invited to team up with users aiming to take on enemies from a 3rd-person perspective.

This game was first announced at the 2013 Electronic Entertainment Expo and, since then, has been anticipated by PlayStation 4 owners (or soon-to-be owners, at that point) ever since. This game is a single-player title (at first) and lives in the Action Adventure genre, if that wasn't clear enough by the video.

OF SPECIAL IMPORTANCE is your knowledge that this video was captured from a Twitch live video stream. Because of this, everything is very, very choppy – you'll just have to use your imagination to decide what it'll look like in real life. Graphics here come courtesy of the PlayStation 4 and RAD Engine 4.0.

This game will be distributed in physical form – digital distribution is not yet confirmed. You'll find a release date far closer to the end of this year than the middle of it, and we'll likely see a whole lot more during E3 2014.

VIA: GamesHQMedia