The Order: 1886 trailer unleashes the beast

Chris Burns - Jun 26, 2014
The Order: 1886 trailer unleashes the beast

Up until now, we’ve only caught glimpses of the other side of the battle in The Order: 1886. This is not going to be a war between factions of humans, and it’s not going to be a simple battle between humans and monsters. Here come the half-breeds.

This game will bring on a moral battle, not unlike what you’ve seen in some of the finer monster movies of olde. You’re not just fighting an easy-to-identify horde of beasts. Here you’re fighting what may have been your own neighborhood just a week before you have to blow their heads off.

The development team behind The Order: 1886 tells of how the transformation from human to lycan – or werewolf, if you prefer – will occur. They won’t be pushing a human into the shadows, pulling them back out only when the transformation has occurred. Instead you’ll see the whole process – blood, guts, and all.

Outside you’ll see a transformation take shape, while inside, the character actually changes form. The skeleton of the enemy you’re about to fight has to change from what it was a short while ago while their abilities change as well.

The Developers at Ready at Dawn will be bringing this game to the PlayStation 4 gaming console in 2015. At this time there is no absolutely solid release date – we’ll know more soon!

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