The "Nutshell" Wearable Focus Pod: peak nonsense

The term "wearable" should summon several thoughts in your mind, right off the bat. "Apple Watch" or "iWatch" is probably one of them, followed by "smartwatch" and on to "another one of those devices I want, but don't know why." This week a device setup designed by a student from the School of Visual Arts has come to light, one called "Nutshell." This device consists of a a light material "shell," a headphone-enabled helmet, and an app. Together they create a relaxing experience for you in any environment.

Maybe we shouldn't say "any" environment. You really don't want to be putting a shell over your head when you're on the subway. Or when you're at a movie theater. Or when you're out in public in any way whatsoever.

The designer of this project, Eden Lew, was given an assignment at the School of Visual Arts in New York City. The assignment was to design an object based on the next piece of trash the student threw away. Lew threw out a sandwich bag, which suggested to her that a speedily eaten lunch caused stress.

Instead of being stressed at all times, like a student often is, Lew suggested that we'd be better off taking a break from the world. Even if that meant putting a fold-out cape over one's head.

"I never found a companion that was so companionable as solitude," reads a quote from Henry David Thoreau, quoted in Lew's project. Nutshell Labs is the name of the company that makes Nutshell in this conceptual layout, coming complete with the components you need to "train your brain and improve your everyday life."

You'll find Nutshell Go – the lighter of the two models – and Nutshell Blackout in her setup. The darker provides an even more shut-off experience than the lighter model.

The Headshell connects with a Nutshell app which, in turn, provides you with soothing sounds that will calm you down while you're resting in your Nutshell.

In the conceptual release schedule for the Nutshell there are also "Hoodshell" and "Shellseat" models in the works. All made in the USA, all ready to connect you to relaxation.

Users that work with the Nutshell are called "Nutshellers" and are invited to take part in a crowdsourced program for podcasts. Lew suggests that "social solitude" might become a natural act, "there spending time with oneself isn't consider a lonely act, but a supported one."

Above you'll see a few looks at the app conceptualized by Lew for this project.

Look like a project you'd like to take part in? Are you in need of a Nutshell to wear over your head to fully relax?