The Noodlehead Sprinkler

Sprinklers are the one gardening system that haven't changed a lot in the past 20 years. Yes, the more elaborate designs (aka the expensive ones) have evolved a bit. However, the classic that you attach to your hose isn't that much different. The Noodlehead Sprinkler adds a great twist to the design a lot of us grew up with.

My parents are small town farmers, and they have had just about every sprinkler known to man. The one that I always got a kick out of was the hose with holes punched in it. No they didn't create the holes, although that would have been cheaper. The bad thing about sprinklers is that you can't really custimize the directions it sprays. You can alter it slightly by pointing the whole thing one way or splitting it. This design actually allows you to bend the little noodles so that they are all spraying in specific directions.

The Noodlehead Sprinkler is a smart design for only $17.

Noodlehead Sprinkler: Not as Goofy as it Sounds [via nerd approved]