The Nintendo Controller Pouch

You have to love those crafty gamers. They don't just toil away on games all day, they actually utilize a craft and show their love of games through it. Making the rest of us just look a bit on the lazy side. Well, even if you don't have that crafty gene, you can carry around one of these pouches with pride.

Whether you need them for change or business cards this Nintendo Controller Pouch can be well used by any gamer. The pouch is made of felt, and the lining will vary from pouch to pouch.

The dimensions are 2 1/4" x 4 1/4" so it is only good for smaller things to carry around. Each pouch is being sold for $15 on Etsy from the seller LindseyPorter.

Nes controller pouch keeps your gold coins safe [via technabob]